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Matisse Database Leading Provider to Nuclear Industry
Decade-plus Experience Running Nuclear Applications Makes Matisse Best Choice

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - October 16, 2001-Matisse Software Inc. today announced that its Matisse database is a leading database for nuclear power applications throughout Europe. Matisse reduces design and construction costs, decreases maintenance efforts and extends the life of critical capital equipment across nuclear applications ranging from uranium mining to fuel fabrication and from power generation through final spent fuel processing.

"Matisse's object database software is key to solving costly configuration management issues in the nuclear industry, said Allen Shafii, former general manager, automation and technology, Duke Engineering & Services, Inc. "Matisse's adaptable technology allows nuclear operators to focus on maximizing their return on investment while preserving the highest level of public safety."

Matisse is designed to power mission-critical functions, provide real-time information on complex process operations, and furnish on-demand, accurate and updated information to the operators, maintenance technicians and engineers. Developed in the late 1980's for France's nuclear power industry, Matisse was initially funded by the French government and has been in continuous operation for over a decade managing 80 database applications, yet requiring only one database administrator, at COGEMA (a French nuclear fuels company) facilities.

"Matisse was designed to meet the mission-critical requirements of the nuclear power industry, where errors are extremely costly, instant response is critical, and real-time updates are essential," said Didier Cabannes, president and CEO, Matisse Software Inc. "With over a decade of experience running in the most complex industrial environments, including nuclear energy facilities, Matisse is the best choice for anyone developing nuclear applications."

Matisse allows the development of a true component-centric architecture for the nuclear facility and a true plant-centric architecture across the enterprise. A component-centric architecture embodies all the attributes, and characteristics, of every object in one data location. A plant-centric architecture recognizes each plant object (valve, pump, motor, fan) and its inherent characteristics (capacity, speed, output) as one. A plant-centric architecture stores plant components as intelligent objects which contain information about their real-world industrial characteristics, performance and operation; enables multiple views of the same data; provides new ways to access plant data; and utilizes comprehensive tables and rules-based definitions of equipment, systems, projects, standards and regulatory requirements.

Some of the functional areas in which Matisse has already proven itself:
  • Configuration Management: Matisse manages "change process" throughout the facility and the greater enterprise, supporting the entire lifecycle of a system, structure or component (SSC) from conceptual design to decommissioning.
  • Operations: Matisse provides real-time, site-wide control and monitoring of mission critical systems that often comprise thousands of individual components.
  • Maintenance: Matisse is compatible with most computerized maintenance systems, and supports preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance activities by providing real-time system diagnostic information and on-line documentation to technicians in the field.
  • Quality Assurance: Matisse is capable of modeling quality control hold points and supervisory approval of maintenance and testing tasks in real-time while they are being performed in the field.
  • Training: Matisse models complex systems and processes including off-normal and emergency scenarios in the reactor operator training simulators.
  • Document Management: Matisse supports all major electronic document management (EDM) formats and the management and administration of documents in multimedia format.
  • Procurement: Matisse's XML interface is e-business capable and can support the functional requirements of nuclear procurement including varying pedigree determination requirements.
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Matisse Software Inc. delivers database software and services to companies that need to rapidly, and cost effectively, develop and deploy scalable object applications and services. The Matisse database, the company's flagship product, has been powering industrial and mission critical systems for over a decade and is deployed worldwide. Matisse is a private company located in Burlingame, CA. For more information visit


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