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Matisse Database adds Support for Eiffel
.Net and Next Generation Object Application Developers to Benefit

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and SANTA BARBARA, CA – December 10, 2001-Matisse Software Inc., developer of the Matisse object developer’s database, and Eiffel Software Inc., the market leader in Eiffel solutions for enterprise and .Net development, today announced the immediate availability of EiffelMatisse, an Eiffel interface to the Matisse database. EiffelMatisse is the result of a collaborative effort between the two companies.

The EiffelMatisse interface provides tight integration between Eiffel and Matisse, eliminating the database design learning curve and allowing developers to focus on the development of their application components. With EiffelMatisse, Eiffel developers can use the same syntax, models and classes in their Eiffel application and Matisse database.

“The EiffelMatisse interface is making it possible for us to use Eiffel and Matisse together to develop a completely real-time, international cash payment network,” said Loryn Jenkins, CTO, Standard Transactions. “EiffelMatisse provides the right platform to build the world’s most advanced, real-time cash transaction network. The significant reduction in development time is allowing us to extend our services to customers in over 120 countries around the world.”

Eiffel is a seamless object-oriented software environment designed for companies developing enterprise-class applications, including applications designed for Microsoft’s .Net platform. EiffelStudio provides an integrated object-oriented solution for software developers, from analysis and design to code generation, maintenance and reverse engineering.

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