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Matisse Software to Integrate Matisse Database and Sun's Forte™ for Java™ IDE to Reduce Development Time, Boost Application Performance
Joins Forte for Java Extension Partner Program

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 8, 2002 – Matisse Software, today announced it will integrate its Matisse database with Sun Microsystem's ForteÔ for JavaÔ integrated development environment (IDE). The Matisse Link/Forte for Java software will provide customers, for the first time, with the ability to work entirely within the object paradigm to reduce development time and increase the efficiency and performance of their Java language applications.

In addition, Matisse has joined the Forte for Java Extension Partner Program, providing Matisse with an introduction to one of the largest Java technology communities. The program assists independent software vendors (ISVs) in extending the Forte for Java IDE with complementary products, providing customers with a broader choice of innovative technologies that build on the core IDE.

Matisse Software chose to align with the Forte for Java technology to provide developers with an integrated object solution for their Java language application and database development. With the Matisse Link/Forte for Java software, developers can streamline their development process by using the Forte for Java environment to define their Matisse database schema, generate database classes and directly map objects to classes, without leaving the IDE.

"Matisse's partnership with Forte will help us deliver products that will make it easier for our customers to build and deploy Java technology applications," said Kal Krishnan, Matisse's vice president of engineering. "The combination of Matisse and the Forte for Java IDE eliminates the complexities and inefficiencies of the object-relational mapping layer required by relational and object relational databases."

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