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Matisse Software Announces Strategic Partnership With Soyatec
Matisse complements Soyatec's Business Process Modeling Suite.

Mountain View, CA - February 20, 2007 – Matisse Software today announces a new strategic partnership with Soyatec. Both Soyatec and Matisse serve enterprise customers with products that strategically complement each other and are both aimed at Java environments.

eBPMN Designer is a Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) modeling tool that provides businesses with the capability of representing their internal business procedures in a graphical notation. This standard graphical notation gives organizations a better understanding of their business processes and enables them to rapidly adjust to new business circumstances. While eUML2 Designer, a powerful UML modeler, ensures a faster deployment of business process changes built in Java-based applications.

Matisse, the ultimate database for Java and .NET, is an innovative Post-Relational SQL database for Java and .NET environments that natively supports Objects and XML. The Matisse database represents an outstanding solution for database architects confronted with complex business or scientific modeling needs.

Matisse greatly simplifies the architecture of applications, removing the need for an Object-Relational mapping layer and the severe limitations that come with it. This feature alone cuts the length of the application code by 30% to 50%, thus paying off in terms of faster time-to-market due to shorter database development cycles, lower TCO due to lower maintenance requirements, and higher overall database performance.

As part of the agreement, the two companies will conduct joint marketing and promotional activities and will also collaborate on joint sales opportunities.

“Our customers often need to react quickly to new business circumstances and they will definitely benefit from the ability to handle objects efficiently with a Post-Relational database such as Matisse,” said Yves Yang, CEO of Soyatec. “Combined with our eBPMN and eUML2 suite, Matisse will help them deploy their new applications and services a lot faster.”

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