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Mstisse Interfaces Open-Source Program
The Matisse Interfaces Open-Source global initiative launched in Summer 2001 continues to expand and grow. With the support of the Matisse Developer Community, Matisse Software has further formalized its Open-Source program. The adoption of a broad and solid public license was key to give the necessary freedom to both contributors and end-users.

Open-Source Interfaces

  • Matisse Eiffel Language Binding

  • Matisse PHP Language Binding

  • Matisse Python Language Binding

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Matisse Interfaces Public License (MIPL)

The Matisse Interfaces Public License is based on the Mozilla Public License V 1.1 ( with the following changes:
1. The license is published by Matisse. Only Matisse can modify the terms applicable to Covered Code.
2. The license can be modified and used for code which is not already governed by this license. Modified versions of the license must be renamed to avoid confusion with Mozilla’s or Matisse’s license and must include a description of changes from the Matisse Interfaces Public License.
3. The name of the license in Exhibit A is the "Matisse Interfaces Public License".
4. The reference to an alternative license in Exhibit A has been removed.

Please read the Matisse Interfaces Public License, Version 1.0 (MIPL)

Matisse Software has chosen to base the Matisse Interfaces Public License on the Mozilla Public License in order to provide a licensing framework with a great degree of freedom for initial developers and contributors as well as for end-users of these interfaces.

Become a Certified Contributor

If you want to become a certified contributor of a Matisse open-source interface or if you are interested in initiating the development of a new interface, please contact us at to discuss the terms and benefits of our program.